Friday, January 16, 2009

Every year about this time there is always one customer that comes in and say's "I need something hot!" " Something much hotter than all of my boys have can you help me out?"  At this point I usually reply with "shit yea!"

This year's choice is a 2009 Pinarello Prince in the limited edition color of Acid Green.  There was only one choice for a bike like this, Campy Record 11 speed of course!  This pure Euro trash machine is litered with all kinds of light weight carbon bits like the SLR full carbon saddle, ITM bar and stem etc. and just to really be an weight obsessed ass hole we added the Zero G Negative G brake calipers and for the over the top totally unneeded we added a set of Zipp 303 ZED tech Ceramic Wheels!  Pure Italian curb factor!  At the register $14,000 Road test scheduled for when it's warmer than 9 degrees...

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