Sure, carbon is an excellent material to make a bicycle frame from but then aluminium done properly isn't too bad either.  Like a fine wine, our CAAD range of aluminium road frames has been aged in the USA over many seasons winning stages of the Tour de France, the overall Giro d' Italia and many, many world class races along the way.

When Cycling Weekly put it up against two other rivals in this price range (Ridley's Compact and Kiron's Scandium) the CAAD9 took another victory!  Here's what they had to say...

"The CAAD9 is one of the best frames ever produced.  It's lively feel makes your legs feel like they're always on a good day as it surges forward from your input.  You don't feel beaten up by the CAAD9, yet it feels rock solid, as you accelerate or climb.  If you want speed and efficiency then the CAAD9 is a top choice.  It's a true all rounder"

Overall 9/10.