Monday, April 6, 2009

Fawn Grove!

This weekend was pretty cool.  I went down with most of our team and did the Fawn Grove Race, gravel dirt road sections with some steep climbs! I suffered hard,  along with a few other guys,  that are more at home on flat courses.

The best part of the day was every guy that rode up on me and said,  "dude your gonna get a flat for sure with that set up"!  The funny part about that is almost every time that happened I passed that guy on the side of the road dropping the F bomb because he flatted and had no tube and all the support wheels were used up!  If I was running clinchers I would have at least taken a tube and co2?  I had a pair of Zipp 808 Tubular wheels with Conti Ultra Gator skins and about 110psi, I figured if the pro's run them on the cobbles it should be able to handle a little gravel, and they did!

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