Friday, August 21, 2009

The dirt!

After a several year hiatus, Pinarello is resurrecting the Dogma name with a totally new for 2010 racing road bike: the Pinarello Dogma 60.1. It takes the award-winning, highly regarded Prince frame and creates a new top-of-the-line road bike with some very interesting features.

Technical specs in a moment, we just can’t wait to say that it comes in a whopping 12 color schemes, all of which are dead sexy (“Black on Black” shown above, pictures of the other 11 colors after the break).

Now, about those specs…the frame uses asymetrical stays and differing features on each side of the bike. Pinarello calls it “the beginning of a new generation of frames that will revolutionize the concept of racing bicycles.” They claim it’s the first completely asymetric racing frame, with the right and left side having different shapes and sections.

Starting with the Prince’s frame, Pinarello used the proven shapes and geometry, then added a lot of new technology:

Asymetrical frame design
EPS Wrinkle Free System construction
Exclusive 60HM1K carbon by Torayca
Nanoalloy to prevent sudden breakage
Diamond Finish exterior treatment
11 frame sizes
Totally customizeable builds
These are all explained after the break with glorious, glorious photos (insert Homer Simpson aaaaaaaauuuuggghhhh here)…


Material: 60HM1K Carbon
Fork: Onda 60HM1K Carbon 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ integrated system
Rear Stays: Onda FP
Frame Weight: ~900g (size 54) (NOTE: we’ve seen claims from 860g to 950g so far)
Bottom Bracket: Most Croxover
Sizes (regular top tube): 50 / 51.5 / 53 / 54 / 55 / 56 / 57.5 / 59.5
Sizes (sloping top tube): 42 / 44 / 46.5
Pricing…scroll to the bottom, you’ve gotta earn it.

Asymetrical Frame Design - Pinarello says lab testing shows a difference of 1 - 2 mm frame distortion from one side to the other during sprinting, showing that the load on the pedals combines with the torque of the chain pulling on the frame differently on the drive side versus non-drive side. Their solutions to this were:

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