Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The bad news keeps coming for the US Autos industry. In the first quarter of 2009, bicycles outsold cars and trucks.

Despite being down more than 30% on last year, bikes are outselling cars, which are experiencing a larger decline. Many see the again rising cost of gasoline, as well as the not so good press coverage of the failing car industry, are making people think twice about buying a motor. The large savings from riding a bike over short distances rather than driving can help consumer confidence and support economic recovery.

Even longer trips are becoming more accessible for cyclists. Visionary activists are creating opportunities for cyclists to safely travel longer distances. Not only are there cost savings from such local and intercity rides, but there are environmental benefits too, especially in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. While an average solo car trip or airplane ride emits more than 1 pound of CO2 per mile, bicycling or walking emits close to zero. If we need to travel hundreds of miles, there are great low-carbon strategies for travel that include mass transit and carpooling, keeping our average emissions less than 1/2 a pound of CO2 per mile."

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