Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2010 RZ 140 upgrade and weight reduction!

After riding the 2010 RZ140 (2) I decided I loved the bike but I would love it even more after changing a few things so I started operation upgrade! I am swapping out the FSA alloy bar for the TruVative NOIR team Hi mod carbon bar. I changed the shifters from SRAM X9 to the new XO red colored! Last but not least I ordered what I think is the sickest MTB crank produced yet! The FSA K force light double with a 40/27 Tooth ring set up. Up until now Cannondale has had the best crank with their Si 2x9 BB30 set up, the nice thing about the FSA is the there is no spider the 3 chain rings bolts attach from the back directly to the carbon fiber crank arm! I will post a review of the finished product as well as details about how the 2x9 set up works on the trail!

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CB said...

looks great, but why start with a RZ 2 instead of a 1? Do you have a preference towards parts on the 2? I question the parts specs myself.